Greens Can Dream

And They Do So In

Vibrant Colours.


Hi! You can call me Jacky Zed for short. 

I am a SUNY Buffalo State College Alumni and Graduate of the Second City Currently Working on Getting Myself Back Into the Music and Arts Scene. I am a current member of The Historic Colored Musicians Club and Clowns of America International.

Also appreciated learning from Annoyance Theatre, Combats Absurdes, Improv Comedy Mumbai, Keystone Theatre, Magnet Theater, Ken Hall, Paloma Nunez, etc.


I appreciate Rock & Roll, Alternative Rock, Grunge, Funk, Pop and Soul



Characters, Original Lyrics, Parody, Covers, Simple Gymnastics Almost Everyone Can Participate, Connecting/Hosting/Directing/Producing/ Promoting/Teaching/Caregiving/Creating


Big or little. Everything adds up over time. Little things mean a lot. You can do

Keep it Positive

Get Involved

To be continued... Ask how you can help. 

Hope You Learn a Little Bit About Me and Why I Do What I Do 

The Joy and Moments of the Process Make It Worth While.

They teach me what I do and do not possess. 

Also, one of the reasons I am a Regular Buffalo Joywalker...

From head to toe, keeping it simple for energy flow


making something positive out of what i have 

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